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Running customer ideas into fast,
independent tools increasing
businesses value
We create visual or software solutions based on strategy and vision
Post-production, web-site and printed products dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the company Branding for The Great Gatsby ballet organizer Full-stack e-shop development, branding, instagram strategy
We offer
Web & Mobile Development

Solutions for enterprise, secure online stores, businesses digital representation with informational delivery. Full-cycle support.

Cross-platform both Android and iOS applications.

Frontend and backend with advanced technologies.

PHP framework for web applications.
A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
JavaScript-based open front-end framework.
Framework for building user interfaces.
Strategy & marketing

Helping to evaluate competitors, choose a unique selling proposition — based on this, choose the brand style, its target audience and movement strategy.

Business Manager
Marketing Solutions
UI&UX Design, Branding, Post-production

User-friendly task response that helps to get information in a fast way and retain attention on emblem, typography and interface associated with type of trading.

We love and immerse ourselves working with all Adobe products to deliver the best bitmap, vector or video product.
Years experience in grocery, outsourcing and start-up companies.
Built websites, special & side projects.
Working with clients from Ukraine, Russian and Norway.
We plan, think, immerse ourselves in the client’s world, offer, teach and learn to reach the heights.
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