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acube logo
Branding for The Great Gatsby ballet organizer

ACUBE is the organizer of progressive ballet performances, including:

  • successful tour in 2016, Complexions — leading troupe from the USA, with productions to the music of David Bowie, Metallica;
  • tour 2017 Radio and Juliet — production of Edward Klug to the music of the cult Radiohead;
  • The Great Gatsby Ballet is the first and only ballet project that was created in Ukraine and is successful abroad. Created by Alexander and Alexei Polevoy together with Konstantin Meladze, Denis Matvienko and Dwight Roden.

ACUBE makes big plans for 2018-2019. It’s time to combine all the achievements under a single brand.

Mission — to popularize modern choreography and ballet, to show how spectacular and cool it can be.

In the first letter, references and comments, it became clear that the logo should be geometric, progressive and modern. Strictness and style could be rooted in Germany, the favourite country of one of the organizers. They also approved the logo as a combination of the letter and number “A3”.
acube process 1
acube process 2
We took the fonts Bastard and Gothic and decided to experiment with the character design.
acube process 3
acube process 4
We consult with the project team, something in the logo is missing. We begin to refine and change the right facet of the letter. Moving from sketch to vector.
acube process 5
acube process 6
The first version of the logo comes out, and we make a presentation to the organizers.
logo version 1
logo version 1-1
We get comments. The organizers liked the separate element of the cube — a very good solution and should be left in the logo. Germany for the organizers is high-tech and minimalism. The logo needs to be remade into a more progressive and modern.
logo version 2
logo version 2-2
We take as a basis the element already received. We begin to make the font matrix in the form of a cube. The idea is to make the geometric inscription ACUBE and add to it the main element of the previous version of the logo.
logo version 3
logo version 3-2
We show and discuss. The organizers want to get rid of the standard type of logos (sign + inscription) and work on colors. Looking bright and acidic for posters.
logo version 4
logo version 4-2
We closed the logo composition. This will make it symmetrical. And we try different proportions of the inner space of the letters and their width.
logo colors
ebsh greatgatsby
Colors are combined with existing organizer companies.
final logo
Customers were happy to accept the work and publish the logo at the next ballet performance.
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